The Peril of Auto-Updates

If you're reading this blog, you may have noticed it was down for a while.

Well, because I'm just some weirdo with a webserver, I set this up really quickly with Ghost's then-default SQLite3 database, with a Docker container tagged latest. This was fine for a while, obviously, and the performance of SQLite3 doesn't really matter for a small site like this. I set a backlog item to convert over to MySQL, but I haven't done that yet.

Enter Ghost 5.9. They switched the default database connection to MySQL. So, suddenly the container was..  not failing to start, because I'd have received notices about that, but rather, exiting immediately. Down. But because I had other things on my plate, one little "Stopped" message in my Docker dashboard wasn't clear. I have an uptime monitor on the site, but that's not configured to send me any notices. Guess it's time I fix that.

In any case, I configured the connection settings for the SQLite3 database and we're obviously back online. Whoops!